Thursday, March 10, 2011

Games Like Princess Maker 2 (Updated June 15, 2012)

After playing Cute Knight Deluxe and Cute Knight Kingdom, I sometimes wonder why there aren't more games like Princess Maker 2 (in the west).

Princess Maker 2 is kind of a fringe game. It's a sim with RPG options, a border line visual novel, and a dating-sim to a lesser extent.

I wanted to start a list of games similar to Princess Maker 2 (in English) below for reference.

Also, please comment below if you think we should make a "Prince Maker" game, or if you would like to see more games like this.

LIST of Games Inspired by Princess Maker 2

-Cute Knight Kishi Kawaii (now only $4.95) This is the cheapest place to buy Cute Knight.
-Dear My Son - (prince maker game where mother raises two sons)

-Project Princess - a silly flash game, but free.
-Slave Maker (adult content)


  1. Well, there's Slave Maker, and a bunch of more erotically oriented ones on Newgrounds.

    I'd definitely like to see more Princess Maker style games out there, especially since a lot of the good stat builders out there are girl-oriented.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'll go ahead and add it to the list. I guess a prince/princess maker game where you can choose the sex of your character may help to accomodate everyone, though my marketing consultant advises against trying to make products that appeal to everyone.

  3. I'm currently working on a Princess Maker type game, though given how little free time I have to work on it, progress is a bit glacial. No art or story available yet, but the basics of the engine are coming together nicely. I would be very interested to see more games in this genre (obviously).


  4. Thanks for your comment. Let me know when you have more information so I can add it to the list.

  5. I'd be interested in a unique take on a raising simulation. If you want to create a game in English that's similar to "Prince Maker Braveness" or "Dear My Sun!!" then go ahead. But I'd suggest making sure your game is distinct. Keep the content worksafe, but look for creative angles. Perhaps it could be set in a more realistic world, or a different type of fantasy world. Perhaps the player can be given a number of goals to achieve in a limited time span.

    Ten years ago, there were almost no romance games or visual novels in English. Now in 2011, there's a decent number, but unless you're already a fan, you have to search to find them. Remember that there's only so many English speaking fans who have interest in interactive stories, and there's only so many fans who will admit they like fictional characters.

  6. Thanks for your post! I think that a prince maker game has some potential. Thanks for mentioning "Dear My Sun". I didn't know that there was a game where you play as a mom raising two boys. That makes me rethink what the design might be (I was thinking in terms of being the father).


  7. Where can I download the "Dear My Sun" game?

  8. I'm not sure. I haven't actually played it before. Does anybody know?

  9. We have received a lot of traffic for this page, so I went ahead and updated it today. We try to keep Princess Maker style games on our site so you can visit it here.

  10. also check out otherworld its a slave maker type game only juggling up to 10 different girls and 4 assistants